May 2018

Happy News!!

The Northern New England Review has chosen one of my mixedmedia landscapes for the cover of the 38th edition of their literary journal. ​Published by Franklin Pierce University, the journal can be found in libraries in New Hampshire & all over New England.

​The landscape on the cover is a mixed media piece on paper. I used a combination of pencil, colored pencil, conte, acrylic, ink and highlighter. My intent was to draw multiple perceptions of land and fuse their features into one harmonious context. River or fog, mountain or rock, grasses... I encouraged the mingling & intermingling of natural elements to better display the idea that perception is variant.

This cover represents a tremendous milestone for me in my journey to share my art with new groups of people. I am so grateful to the staff of NNER for this opportunity and experience. I am grateful, as well,  to share space on these pages with the incredible artists whose literary works are contained within.

Please visit the NNER website to learn more about their long-running work by clicking the following link...

Northern New England Review

You can read more about Landschaften, the series to which this piece belongs, here:       Landschaften