just in once and a cold, bright moon

swimming I forgot

the splendor of this place

the sheering, flaccid radiance

brought on and raging

then twenty times

from flaccid men in their flaccid coats

the flaccid women at their flaccid sides

today he stands unending

and wait, but wait

when the dying lies lowly

and clenched fists will throw

too many of the i's and carriers of woe

do I remember and see such earthly foes

be eclipsed by the Gods they think they know

today he stands unending

unending through tomorrow

from levels and planes unsurfaced

the resting figure silent

tempting figure waning


what with coersion

the softest bending hopes

spread sullen before me

when the axe fell fury

and in the tiny grounds of purest Earth

did the every one and every thing then stop to hear

imagined air

ghosts in their hiding

sipping slowly, dully of wanting need

the music rings high

and high to the tuning

where poets are heard

the surrendering of voice

poached truths

under silence, under calm

under and under

further to redemption

the calling, the culling

guns to their boys

guns for their hands

guns for their feet

guns for the whimpering, mechanical and strong

​filling those holes

filling thoe holes here to defile

and what of purest Earth

what with coersion, so strngthy

so real

where the bonfires glow red to the sea

we lie trembling

this is the day today

this is the reason, the rhyme

here are my pennants and philosophies,

my time and sorrow

here is the secret to it all

the needing, the taking

the filling of those holes

the heavens and confusions of roles

as men do weep for themselves

​so should they weep for each other