I am a housecleaner in Ithaca NY. Much of my free time is spent creating and trying to share what I do with the world. I have no training or arts education. Education is a wonderful tool for those who seek its guidance, but a lack of education does not have to be seen as infantile or amateur. I have been an artist my entire life... I have also been a scientist, philosopher, dancer, dreamer, and doer. My education may have revolved around geology, astrophysics, and chemistry, but my life has always revolved around art. Though I have been unable to find space in art-venues or galleries, I am constantly creating and seeking to challenge myself in new ways, also to break-through. 

I am a neurodiverse individual, specifically high-functioning autistic. Subsequently, my creative influences are most frequently sensory inputs: smells and sounds, what I see or touch. I am a wanderer and explorer by nature, seeking-out new and unknown experiences as oft as possible = fuel to communicate my expression. I find gratification in illustrating concepts of balance, emotion, reflex and environmental beauty with attention to the sensory existence of these subjects. There is an unending amount of input given freely by the world and others before/beside me. I attempt to translate my reactions, observations, reflections to/of diverse stimuli and reinterpret the exchange.

‚ÄčThe mediums I choose to work in are normally based around the concepts I want to convey. I try to tie the process to the intent, hoping my hands will take care of the product. I employ contrary tool-choices or create new tools to match the challenge of the idea to the challenge of creation. I love and need to be challenged if I am to create. Conceit for boredom is insistent, but a wonderful motivator.

I hope my work will exist as an examination of the human condition and my personal experience, a record of my much-stimulated subconscious and defined sense of agency. I seek to show my passion for exploring & interpreting the often-missed, beautiful and real lines of cause and effect which run quietly throughout our daily lives. Most of all, I seek to build a connection to the world with my work. Though I know the outlook for someone like me is bleak, I yearn for and will work for the opportunity.