The conception of this series, Landschaften, fell in line with the end of my show Portraits Zusammenfassung . I was dealing with the negative reaction I received for the work. Critiques were rough and contrary to my intent. I was lost to understand how my voice could have been so misinterpreted.

I became mildly consumed with finding a way to translate my work to an audience without the miscommunication. I needed to find a more well-travelled road of connection. ​People like landscapes, I understood, but I did not want to approach new work with a mundane attitude or any sense of falsehood. 

Nature is my safe-space. I live in an area rich with preserves & large parks. I hike almost daily, regardless of season. I love the beauty of the natural world, the chaos and order, the ephemerality. It was an idea that reinterpreting this beauty through my vision could be a rewarding & new experience that made the concept worth exploration. I would learn how to create with specified purpose without compromising myself.

Perception and color became my focus. In many of the works, there are multiple landscapes intertwined to convey one singular image. I was compelled to draw from more than one locale while creating new spaces on wood, paper and digitally... a desire to create new space from spaces I knew. The practice required attention to diversity and an open mind.

​In contrast, in some pieces I wanted to display an uncomplicated, simplified vision of natural beauty. Horizon lines and slow mountains. The circling perceptions made examining as many perspectives on their own or at one time the thrust of the collection. Covering ground while creating ground.

​Materials for this series were a mix, as usual. Paper, acrylic, latex, chalk, conte, colored pencil, pastel and coffee all make appearances in the work. I was able to reclaim many of the boards used for the paintings in the series from the Phoenix Books barn in Dryden NY. This location was a landmark & icon in the Fingerlakes Region. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to give new life to what would have been discarded or burned. All of the digital work in the series was created collaging & altering photos of the physical pieces.

Landschaften was hung in Zaza's Cucina in Ithaca NY in April of 2018. Thus far, it is my greatest success in showing my work to date. One of the pieces was published on the cover of a long-running literary journal, the Northern New England Review. My gratitude is whole and unwavering for the response, appreciation and the lessons I took from this project.