This is a series of digital collages about logic.

​Logic became an important topic for me at the end of 2016. The fervor around truth, actuality, and logic seemed incredible to me. Facts were suddenly fictions. History was debatable. What were people believing? And why? As the discussion continued, falling just short of literal anarchy, I had to quell my confusion and disbelief.

​I turned to solve my ignorance. I read definitions, researched the history & different roots of logic, various applications. I recalled and reviewed the logic courses I took as a computer science student, the math of logic. Learned about validity :/ For all of the sense, all of the logic... I was still unable to properly understand the context of logic in my reality. Nonsense.

​Frustration begets creation and, in this case, a train of thought followed this track from one end to the other. I wanted clearer answers to my questions, so I sought to find them in a comfortable extension of myself. I would end-up learning throughout the entire creation process.

​Personification was a key element in this work. I needed to feel a connection between the subject matter I was studying, translating and the finished imaginings. While some of the pieces are more creature-like than human, there is a notion of human-physicality, existence, and disposition. While logic can be quite human, it is not only human.

​Color ! Such an important tool and so vital to the conveyance of the many curves and sways of my inner discussion. I did not want to convey mood through color, but rather intricacy, eccentricity, chaos...  color became a question or a line from a book, an old equation or a disbelief. Rolling ideas and thoughts. Mostly, it just showed-up everywhere. The subject matter was, admittedly, colorful.

Mood came with the beings' body language, posturing. I rely on my abilities to read body language & pantomiming in social situations, so naturally, it finds home in my art. I preferred to impart notions and wisps of disposition, like the real-life subtleties hiding us from each other. 

Each piece in the series represents a different focus, segment or type of logic. Individual descriptions of the work and my experience creating & learning can be found here: Logik Interpretieren