These are ambient environments, hence the name Umgebung.​​ With this series, I sought to explore some influential facets of my youth. I focused on individual environments and specific memories from my childhood holding some mystery or depth of connection.

​Subjects for the work range from a swamp frequented by myself and my classmates in Science classes to the concept of mother/child connection. The pangs of my first sexual urges. a dogbite and a burn... my intent was to catalog the meat of my formation.

All of the pieces are digital collages/paintings made by altering photos of handmade collages. There needed to be history to this work, I felt creating physical pieces meant to be reshaped & reimagined would bring this sense of age to the digital work. All of the pieces, but one representing New York City, are blurred to some degree. A heavy-handed, but effective way to translate the fog of memory.

The pieces were printed & framed in large-format for the show. The portrait of my connection to my mother hangs above her couch in her living room... a visual reminder for us both. The swamp's in my dining room.