For my series Portraits Zusammenfassung, I intended to demonstrate shared aspects of life by personifying some of the emotional reactions, states and challenges inherent within the human condition. This was a journey of my interior, an exploration I needed to take after a year of indecision, strife & great doubt.​ It was also an option for connection, the entrance to a path where many walked.

​Individual concepts I approached in the work vary from guilt to ecstasy to reconciliation. Beauty and marriage also make appearances. Each portrait proved to be its own distinct dancing partner. I am grateful to my family for suffering through the emotional arcs I traversed while creating this work. The struggle is real.

​These are mixedmedia paintings, most consisting of tissue paper and a mixture of acrylic, latex, watercolor, chalks & pastels. Instead of a brush, which gives an artist a certain sense of control, I chose to paint with a brayer. I used the edges, handle and the main barrel to convey material to the canvas.

I felt using the brayer in this manner mirrored the more ham-fisted methods we often employ when dealing with challenging emotional states (Ich bin schuldig). As I learned to use the brayer more carefully... understanding pressure, paint placement, edge-use, and opportunity... I began to understand that those same methods can be interpreted to cope with unexpected or uncomfortable emotional situations. I could use my edges, my different pieces, and parts.

I count this series as my best work to date. Aesthetically, I appreciate this series for its color-use, subtlety and soft forms. My intent was pure & delivered. Most of all, the work feels complete from inception, the ideas fleshed & whole. I incurred an incredible amount of personal growth during this process for which I am most grateful.